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Welcome to:  MOM'S REMEDIES from nature

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Bad Breath

If you have a bad breath you should always make sure your mouth is not dry. You can drink room temprature water with a pinch of real lemon juice. If you had garlic or onion always chew some fresh parsley after eating such foods. Chewing whole coffee beans, cinnamon gum and Kefir drink also helps.
Chew the seeds of fennels as a breath freshener. After brushing your teeth make sure you clean and scrape your tongue with a stainless steel cheap spoon(cheap because you want the spoon not to be thick but thin and a little sharp on its edges), to get rid of all those white coatings on your tongue.
If your bad breath persist you should see a dentist for pockets of infection in your gum.


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ABC signs of a healthy person!

When my parents used to go to the Doctor; the doctor would look at them and take their heart beat from their pulse, and he knew what was wrong with them. I think the doctor mostly would deduce his findings from their physical presence. The following are some of the attributes of a healthy person. You can find the reasons and cures for all these items in this blog now or in the future.

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