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Digestion/Indigestion/Heart burn

One of the sign of a healthy person is good digestion. Digestion is done in stages and in few places in our body. 
First digestion starts in the mouth where food are broken down with our teeth and then mixed with saliva and salivary enzymes. It is very good practice to put our utensils down and concentrate on the food in our mouth. Tasting and getting a good feeling from what we eat. The better we chew our food the easier it will be for our digestive enzymes to do their job. 
The chewed food then enters into the upper part of the stomach. Here the enzymes in uncooked food begin to do their work. That is why it is a good practice to eat some not cooked vegetables and herbs with your food. In Middle Eastern countries, they always consume fresh herbs like basil, parsley, tarragon, scallions, radishes and salads with their cooked food. 
Later the food reaches the lower stomach where it get mixed with Pepsin and Hydrochloric acid. These break down the food more, especially protein. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, so that they can be absorbed and processed by the body. Here I recommend not drinking soda or water with your food. The reason for this is not to dilude the stomac acid so the natural stomac acids can do their job better.

These mixed ingredients and amino acids go through the small intestine and they get mixed with pancreatic, liver and gall bladder enzymes. Here is where the final digestion and breakdown occurs. Fat is emulsified by the bile and pancreatic enzymes continue to digest whatever is left of our consumed food.

If you have indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating in the intestines, undigested food in the stool, stool that sink rather than float and stool that is light or green in color you have to look at the above steps, and correct each step. But if you get gas or bloating sometimes because of certain food that you ate here are some remedies that can solve these problems:

A tea made with a few fresh sprigs of fennel and/or a teaspoon of ground seeds will relieve indigestion
 and help prevent the gas, and bloatings.  If you experience gas and diarrhea after eating foods containing dairy you can now enjoy dairy again with above fennel receipe.

Fiber therapy products are an effective way to treat constipation and ensure regularity. The fiber in psyllium seed husk is a very good remedy for constipation. Just
make sure you have plenty of water with them. Few people get excess gas with this soluble fiber in psyllium, because it will ferment in the large intestine. 

Another problem that many of us have are stomac and intestinal parasites. These can vary from microscopic to large worms. My grand father every six month used to give his children something to clean all their body, stomac and intestine. This will ensure of riding the body of many parasites. If you have an indigestion problem you have to make sure to test yourself for stomac bacteria called Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori for short. This is a bactera that lives in the mucous layer of your stomach and can cause gastrit irritation or heartburn.  

In addition there are the intestinal problems due to use of antibiotics, and poor diets. Make sure you always finish the antibiotic perscription. And always try not to consume them many times because the body will get used to them and they will not work.

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