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What is the best cure for a Hangover

Three drinks for women on an empty stomach and 7 drinks for men will make them have a bad hangover.
If you have over indulged drinking the night before, and woke up the next morning with a very bad headache and an upset stomach then you know what is a hangover. You may have enjoyed the drinking, but the hangover the next morning is not fun. The effects of those drinks are called trifecta of pain:

1- Direct effect of alcohol itself (dehydration, hyperglycemia, stomach upset and vomiting)
2- withdrawal from alcohol (headache, tremors, eyesight, vomiting)
3- Effects of toxic byproducts(sweats, rapid pulse and skin flushing)
The most common pains of hangover are headaches, stomach irritations, dehydration, and fatigue. Although there are not any perfect solution for a hangover, here are some natural remedies to help you ease off your hangover.
The remedy that helps should contain fat, protein, fructose and vodka. Therefore a 1/4 glass of
combinations of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, raw egg and vodka might help you. But if you cannot eat or drink this concoction try one or all of these remedies.
Fruits can help reduce the hangover: bananas, limes, lemons, and apples. Try adding lemon juice to your coffee and drink up. Tomato juice which has fructose will help you get the alcohol out your system faster.
Drinking water is also good because this will replenish your system because alcohol dehydrates you. Chicken soup or greasy meal works well in the morning for a hangover. Also peanut butter can not hurt to try.
Just remember drink over full stomach, drink lots of water with your drink and remember Ethanol drinks gives you less hangover; like Gin and Vodka.

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