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Welcome to:  MOM'S REMEDIES from nature

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Garlic is a great herb and has so many medicinal values. Its health benefits and medicinal properties have been known for many years.  It is great for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and inhibiting blood clotting. It is also a powerful germicide, clearing acne, asthma, candida, diabetes and very good for cold and flu. The regular use of garlic may help prevent cancer because it protects against free radicals. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic. The body does not appear to build up resistance to the garlic as it does to regular antibiotic. 

You can use garlic to get rid of many insects, from slugs to mosquitoes. Garlic can help prevent people from mosquito bites. You can do this by simply consuming more garlic in spring and summer seasons. And fall and winter for prevention of cold and flu.

Did you know that Garlic is good for your bones and joints? It helps your bones to be stronger and prevent it from hurting, due to its anti-inflammatory benefits and being a pain retardant agent. If you would to fall and hurt your bones it won't be as bad as when you did not eat some garlic. Also it would help you to get better faster from a surgery of those sorts- Like Knee replacement surgery! 
If your family is prone to catching colds and flu you can put garlic heads(not peeled) like potpourri  all over your house, it will prevent you from catching colds and flu... cause it gathers all the germs. I think  this beneficial trait of garlic made it famous for getting rid of vampires. That is why you should not buy the already peeled garlics, because it has gathered so much germs by the time you get them at the store. You should peel them and use them fast. (This bold section was little sister's remedies not mom's. lol)

 The smell of garlic is because of its sulphur content and can be reduced by chewing fresh parsley(which is also good for us). Eat the garlic lightly cooked or have one clove in its natural state, raw. It has more effects raw than dried as powder or in capsules or fully cooked. I recommend garlics so much as to say don't marry someone that does not like garlics and onions for two reasons: One; since they don't eat garlic they most likely are not healthy. Second; they prevent you from eating them too or you feel bad to eat them because of its smell! If two people eat garlic they cannot smell it on each other.

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