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Weight loss and Diet

In order to stay healthy and maintain a correct weight for our height and age; we have to keep our metabolism going strong. Starting in our 30s, our body's metabolism can slow down and we can gain weight. To help maintain healthy metabolism levels, we need to give our body key nutrients and always eat on time. The best way to do this is to eat much less each time we eat but 6 times a day. Every three hours will be a great way to schedule our daily food intake.

Starting with full breakfast(6:00 AM- we should eat at the same time everyday) then in three hours we have a snack of 100 calories(9AM- eating 2 times). Three hours later lunch(12noon eating three times), three hours later snack of 100 calories(4PM eating 4 times). Three hours later Dinner(7 PM and 5 times) and later snack of 100 calories(9PM eating 6 times) if we are hungry.  The point here is not to make our body think that is starving. Once the body feels it is hungry then whatever we eat, it will try to save as fat for later. This is the way the body hoards the food and protects  us from hunger and starvation.  If you see the three hours is too long for you cut the interval to 2 1/2 hours or even 2 hours. Have a friend or timer on your cell phone to tell you to eat every set time.

In general men thanks to testosterone hormone have more muscles than women. Muscles burn more energy and therefore need more calories. That is why people; men or women with more muscles could consume more calories.   
Another thing that we could do is minimize eating starchy carbohydrates with proteins and fats. Women should limit starchy vegetables and bread to 1/2 servings to a meal. Men could double this amount. None starchy and none sweet vegetables could be eaten as much as you want.

A daily sample of foods to be eaten are as follows:
For breakfast: 
Bowl of whole grain non sweeten cereal(could be sweeten with fruits or one teaspoon of honey or sugar)
skim milk
1/2 grapefruit
coffee or tea with skim milk or 1% milk 
200 to 250 calories

Water in between
snack of 100 calories

For Lunch:
None fat turkey, ham or chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes and mustard dressing on 1/2 slice of bread
you could have 300-350 calories for lunch

Water in between
snack of 100 calories


One serving of any non fat meat/fish or protein, as many as you can eat non-starchy vegetables. 1/2 serving of starchy vegetables or starch. 
you could have 300-450 calories for dinner

Water in between
snack of 100 calories

The daily calorie intake for woman should be 1250- 1400 calories per day and for men 2000 to 3000 calories.  

You can use the following calculator daily to calculate your daily calorie intakes.

Drinking Green Tea, White Tea & Orange Tea will help boost our metabolism. Make sure you do not buy those bottled green teas with loads of sugar. It is very easy to make your own. There are Green tea supplements that you can take if you do not have the time and you are always on the run.


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  1. Dear Mom:

    I always look forward to your Daily Articles... Thank you so much.. You have helped me so much... My daughter gets these bad cramps every month with her period and now I been trying what you suggested... I will tell you how it helped next month.... Your Articles about weight loss & Nutriotion is very help full... I am losing weight and loving it, I have tons of energy now.... And can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow....Jacklin From Long Island NY..


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