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Welcome to:  MOM'S REMEDIES from nature

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Stress; how to manage it

No matter how organized you are and how friendly your surroundings, sometimes stress will find a way to your life. Here are a few points to remedy your stress.

-Eat a healthy diet. A nutritious, well-balanced diet can keep your body immune to many diseases and stress. Limit refined carbohydrates as much as possible, as those foods can easily cause blood-sugar swings that lead to anxiety, irritability, headaches, confusion and other signs of stress. Foods high in calcium and magnesium can be calming, as these two minerals help relax muscle fibers. Fresh dark-green, leafy vegetables are excellent in this regard. Make sure you have a great balanced breakfast.

-Exercise is an excellent way to elevate your mood. Make sure you exercise to the point of sweating at least three times a week.

-Herbs or supplements that can provide a noticeable relaxing effect when you're really stressed out include valerian and kava, both are most remarkable.

-Cut down on Caffeine(coffee, tea, soft drinks). Have green tea, water and club soda instead.

-Talk about your stressful situations with someone you trust. Sometimes, just talking to a friend or writing about your problems and concerns can help you put them into perspective.

-Stay organized to help manage your time more efficiently.

-Put on your favorite music and take a bubble bath. Add some relaxing herbs to the water like chamomile.

-Use yoga, meditations and laughter to calm your mind and body.

-Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours at night. Take a one hour nap during the day.

-No one can do it all alone, so ask for help. Get professional help if you need it.


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  2. I get medical marijuana. How's that for herbal remedy?


ABC signs of a healthy person!

When my parents used to go to the Doctor; the doctor would look at them and take their heart beat from their pulse, and he knew what was wrong with them. I think the doctor mostly would deduce his findings from their physical presence. The following are some of the attributes of a healthy person. You can find the reasons and cures for all these items in this blog now or in the future.

BMI Calculator

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It measures the ratio of one's body weight to their height. It also tries to give an idea of the amount of body fat a person has. Two people can have the same BMI but different levels of body fat(because Muscle weighs more than fat). A high percentage of body fat increases the chances of heart disease, Type II diabetes, and cancers. *******************************************