Welcome to: MOM'S REMEDIES from nature

Welcome to:  MOM'S REMEDIES from nature

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Build your immune system

You be surprised to find out that a few germs vs. no germs will build stronger immune system and therefore will guarantee us less sicknesses. If you are one of those people obsessed with germ-fighting products, you have to understand that our bodies are better off to get accustomed to some germs than none. Trying to get rid of every single little germ in our house could actually be putting our family’s health at risk. There are lots of germs we can encounter in our daily lives. If we make our house and ourselves germ free, our body will not know how to protect itself by encountering the inevitable germs we encounter at work, school, restaurants, and outside. Regular soap is just as effective cleaning agent and is probably better for development of a healthy immune system.

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ABC signs of a healthy person!

When my parents used to go to the Doctor; the doctor would look at them and take their heart beat from their pulse, and he knew what was wrong with them. I think the doctor mostly would deduce his findings from their physical presence. The following are some of the attributes of a healthy person. You can find the reasons and cures for all these items in this blog now or in the future.

BMI Calculator

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It measures the ratio of one's body weight to their height. It also tries to give an idea of the amount of body fat a person has. Two people can have the same BMI but different levels of body fat(because Muscle weighs more than fat). A high percentage of body fat increases the chances of heart disease, Type II diabetes, and cancers. *******************************************